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Written by Patrick McNamara

Oakland's Day Wave (born circa not even a year ago) is the shimmering synth/guitar/beat machine pop project of one talented dude with a very nice voice, Jackson Phillips (live, he performs with a band). He makes easy breezy sun-drenched bedroom jams (or whatever room he recorded this in - there seem to be more room recording options in your standard Oakland dwelling than, say, in Brooklyn where this is being written).

You can nestle this band comfortably alongside your DIIV + The Drums + Wild Nothing + (more recently) Turnover LPs, perhaps. Or, if you don't have those records because you spend all your money on the rent for your tiny ass apartment, you can consider Day Wave a stand alone work of musical goodness.

Recently, Day Wave released their debut EP. It's called “Headcase" and you can listen to the whole thing below thanks to my Herculean efforts sourcing the embed code from the wilds of the WW Intrasphere for you (let's not even get into the copying and pasting that was involved too). It was very nice of me to do all that because this EP is a very nice listen, especially during the sweetness of summer, but it's really an anytime of year stream, so if you're reading this many months after this was written in the thick of winter 1). I apologize for everything being so out of date, especially the next paragraph and 2). you can still enjoy listening to it.

Here's one final music #fact for you before I go back to listing shows from my Brooklyn office that's also my bedroom, mud room, reading room, and den. As of this writing (1:06 PM in the Year That I'm Writing This), Day Wave is set to play their debut NYC show next month and I'm totally going. You can too, if you want. But don't say you're gonna go and then not show up. I WILL NOT BE STOOD UP AT THE MERCURY LOUNGE AGAIN.

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Published July 14, 2015



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