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Virginia's Jack Tatum is Wild Nothing, a one-man band (recording, that is...live, he has a band) that plays shimmering and shiny indie-pop that gives off a general sense of hazy guitar happiness with a nice and sunny splash of synth wistfulness.

Wild Nothing's music has been compared to the swirling sweetness of another one of our favorite pop bands, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart. I hear that, for sure. But, of course, both The Pains and Wild Nothing know a thing or two about '80s shoegaze-pop bands too, so throw in those old guys (Black Tambourine, Velocity Girl etc... ) as a reference as well.

I feel I should also mention that Wild Nothing's fantastic debut album Gemini on Captured Tracks (Blank Dogs, Beach Fossils) could very well be the album of the summer. It's got just the right amount of beach to go along those exceptional splashes of tender angst. The sticky songs are just like a clear night spent on a boardwalk underneath radiant stars.

That reminds me, how good is funnel cake? I'll answer for you. It's super good.
Published June 16, 2010



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