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Daniel Avery is a straight-up club thumper from London that will make your days and (especially) nights a touch more transcendent. Avery will lead you to where the action lies - where you can mix it up - where you can fall into these machine made sounds that go BOOM.

Avery makes big time dance jams. Let me rephrase that for emphasis: Big to the Time to the Jams. And no, I'm not talking big time in that schlub step kind of way, either. That's not big time. That's boring time. I'm tired of talking boring time. I'm talking big time. This is big time because it does that old school techno thing - you know, with the booming beats and things. Like... Underworld. Or The Chemical Brothers. Yeah. That's it. You liked Underworld and The Chemical Brothers at one point in your life, didn't you? Of course you did. You liked them because they were big time. See? It all comes full circle.

And it's now high time for you to get into big time jams like these again. I think I know you well enough by now, dear Rockness Reader, to confidently make that claim. Listen to Daniel Avery's 35 minute DJ mix below. Big time jams aren't for reading about, after all. Big time jams are for blasting.

Are you blasting it yet? Good. Are you bored? Didn't think so. Are you feeling the big time? Hell, yes you are.

Published January 03, 2013



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