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I first came across Brooklyn's Creaky Boards because of that story circulating that the great Coldplay copied one of their songs. And you know I've never hidden the fact that I am the biggest Coldplay fan so I just had to listen and find out if this shocking news was true. If it was, I was never going to mail Chris Martin clippings of my leg hair EVER again (he never even thanked me for the first half-dozen deliveries anyway).

It was a weird way to get introduced to a new band, but as I listened to that song in question and others, I was like "Well, I'm not sure what Apple Paltrow-Martin would think about Creaky Boards, but I like this."

Creaky Boards is the wacky folk-y bedroom-y electro-y one-man show of Andrew Hoepfner and his rotating cast of friends. The melodic music sounds optimistically bizarre, like skewed sunshine pop. Their sound is like what might happen if Brian Wilson and Phil Spector were to suddenly just flip out. Oh wait...

Anyway, back to Coldplay. I'm not sure if Chris Martin is a cheat, but I'll be faithful to him and only him until the day I die, or until the day Mike and the Mechanics finally decide to get back together. All I need is a miracle for that to ever happen.
Published July 23, 2008



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