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Scotland’s Close Lobsters perhaps never really received their due. But apparently they’re coming back around again. And that’s great. Because it’s never too late. For YOU to get into them. Because they were/are a great indie britpop band.

Along with more semi-famous bands like The Wedding Present + Primal Scream + The Pastels, Close Lobsters first came to semi-prominence on NME’s semi-famous 1986 compilation “C86.” That little double-cassette-tape-that-could gave birth to (or at least made semi-famous) that sweet, sweet guitar jingle-jangle sound we instantly recognize today as britpop being strummed in its golden age. If you don’t know that comp - you can do some digging and find it online. Let it be your buried treasure for the day. Go ahead. You’ve earned it.

So I’m not really sure what Close Lobsters have been doing all of these years. Just hanging in Scotland, I guess. Soaking up the moors, I suppose. They haven’t put out a proper album since 1989 (a magical year for britpop). But I know that they’re playing NYC PopFest this summer of 2013. So that must mean they’ve reunited. At least for this fest. So that’s something awesome. I’m looking forward to seeing if they still got it. Their fellow old (American) jingle-jangle brethren, The Feelies, still got it. No reason why Close Lobsters can’t still got it too (I can write “can’t still got it” if I wanna).

Close Lobsters’ 1987 album “Foxheads Stalk This Land” is an unheralded indiepop gem of a record. A GEM that SPARKLES, I tell you. Listen to it. I think you will like it. If you like the sweet, sweet jingle jangle sound like I think you do. I think you do because I believe in you.

(Close Lobsters sound like The Church sometimes. It’s never too late to get into The Church either. But that's a story for another time, another place.)

Published April 24, 2013



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