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Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

NYC's Clap Your Hands Say Yeah has become the poster band for the power of online hype. Everyone pretty much now knows the story...unsigned band builds big buzz off of a few music blogs and mp3 websites. The hype continues until, seemingly all of the sudden, they are playing for David Bowie and selling out 1000+ capacity venues in the US and abroad. Of course, none of this really happened overnight (it took about three nights), but their rapid rise was attributed to seemingly everything except their talent. And the truth is these guys are talented. Sure they sound like a strange mutation of Talking Heads and Bob Dylan, but at least they don't sound like Joy Division, right? It's almost not cool to "blog" about Clap Your Hands Say Yeah anymore&less than a year after all the shit went down. Many online music junkies have turned their attention to finding the next Next Big Thing. But Clap Your Hands will continue to do their thing. After all, they didn't ask to be on the cover of TimeOut or profiled on NPR (not that they're crying about it either). Their hype is dying down, but their songs are just getting started.

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Maniac by sergioppiretti
Published March 08, 2006



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