((Clams Casino)) Band Profile and Upcoming New York City Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Clams Casino is a clam on a halfshell with breadcrumbs and bacon (thanks Wikipedia!) That sounds delicious, doesn't it? But if you think that's appetizing, just wait 'til you listen to Clams Casino the man. Just you wait, bub.

The man is New Jersey's electronic maestro Mike Volpe (for the record, Com Truise is a New Jersey electronic maestro, too). Volpe got his shot at the big leagues (whatever that means... just wanted to write it) by creating original beats and remixes for hip-hops stars like Soulja Boy and Lil B. But it's his instrumental magic (sans the raps) that makes Clams Casino ALMOST as good as bacon and breadcrumbs.

Think of these slow-ish bass-and-boom heavy jams as sounding a little bit like Gold Panda or Mux Mool or Luke Abbott. And in the synths, I definitely can hear an Aphex Twin influence (then again, what electronic artist hasn't been influenced by Mr. Richard D. James).

So here's what you need to know about Clams Casino in a nutshell... or should I say halfshell (ba-dum-dum-crash): his songs aren't club thumpers. They're not going to make you get all sweaty and propel you to lose your inhibitions and do something you'll most likely regret. Clams Casino's jams are good for... what's the word... oh yeah... chillin'. And no one ever regretted chillin' as far as I know.

Published February 09, 2012



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