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Written by Patrick McNamara

Atlanta’s Blis. are four dudes from Atlanta (Aaron + Jimi + Nathan + Tyler) that play anthemic emo math rock that twinkles and glows before exploding into something loud, distorted, and seriously singable.

If I was in a band I would want my band to sound a lot like this. You got pretty noodles of dueling guitars that aren’t afraid to get crunchy when the song demands it. You got those anguished vocals singing pain but somehow in a way where you’re pretty sure everything’s going to be OK. And you’ve got those sweet lulls that are really just sneaky bridges to the big time builds. Man, Blis. almost makes me want to learn how to play an instrument...of any kind. I’ll fucking shred on the recorder if I have to.

You might like Blis. if you like the following bands of the past with anthemic emo math rock tendencies: _______ + _______, for sure. Those two pioneers are pretty much definites. And maybe if you like early ________ or late _________ you’ll also like the sound this band is throwing down. Yes, I know I’m perhaps putting pressure on this relatively new band (they formed in 2011) by slinging around those heavyweight band comparisons, but it’s cool. Blis. can take the heat. I believe in them.

As of this writing (12:39 PM in the current month of the year immediately after the last one) Blis. is set to release a very good four song EP. It’s called “Starting Fires In My Parents House” and it was not created by Marty McFly. You can grab it over at Soft Speak Records. I recommend songs 1, 2, 3, and 4, however here is just one of those songs for you to listen to right now because it’s good to preserve a little bit of mystery around here. I don't have to hope you like it because I know you will. Good is good is good.

Published January 27, 2015



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