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Blank Realm

Written by Patrick McNamara

Blank Realm is a good jingle-jangle post-______ band from Brisbane, Australia (10 hours and 13 minutes from Sydney in current traffic, according to Google Maps - 18 hours and 17 from Melbourne, says the same source*) that play super solid pop that shimmers slightly towards psych goth gaze, if psych goth gaze is even a thing. Is it? I obviously don't know. Maybe I'll ask Google Maps when I'm done with this.

The band = sister/brother Daniel (drums + vocals) & Sarah Spencer (keys) + Luke Spencer (bass - I don't think he's related, pretty sure it's just an impossible coincidence) + Luke Walsh (guitar + production) and they've been around for a few years, casually releasing a bunch of under-the-radar DIY stuff since forming in 2008. But they perhaps hit their pop melodic stride with the release of their 2014 A.D. album “Grassed Inn" (Fire Records). That thing's pretty much a pop delight so listen to it if you like listening to dope records.

However, my favorite Blank Realm song is on an album that hasn't even been released yet (assuming you're reading this sometime before September 4, 2015 A.D.). That would be “River of Longing" from the band's upcoming album “Illegals in Heaven." It's so good! I'll tell you what. What would you say if I told you that right now right below these very words you would be given the opportunity to INSTANTLY stream this good song in question (it's not a question - it's a good song - FACT). Guess what, dear Rockness reader? You can. And you're gonna love it. I just know it.

Please feel free to disagree with me about this song in the comments section this music blob has thankfully never had.

*Brisbane is approximately 9,629 miles in current traffic from Brooklyn where I am writing this, but that hasn't stopped Blank Realm from playing here in 2011 and 2013. Is every two years a thing with this band because if so that means my local area is due for a visit imminently. Boom.

Published July 21, 2015



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