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Lyndsy Welgos
More lo-fi messiness. The kids can't get enough of this these days (Wavves and, well, lots more). NYC's Blank Dogs is the alias of Mike Sniper. He used to be all anonymous and stuff, but not anymore. Phew for that.

So Sniper makes these short "pop" songs that are layered in fuzz (it sounds like thirty-two of my grandmother's electric blankets cover up the verse-chorus-verses) and are probably made in his bedroom (maybe his kitchen, or walk-in-closet, who knows).

There are a lot of strange sound permutations throughout Blank Dogs' surprisingly prolific body of work (the dude has put out tons of stuff). Now, if you're an audiophile that places purity of sound above all things, stay far away from Blank Dogs. You won't able to hear his fingers moving up and down the frets. Sorry, audiophile dudes. But if you like getting your rock on to that blown-out Radio Shack speaker sound, then go on and sprint towards this highly unusual musical world. Well, not THAT unusual (see second sentence of this band profile).

Oh, and I'd love to analyze Blank Dogs lyrics for you and tell you these are provocative stories about bunnies and lemon drop trees and death and things, but I can't, because I can't really hear anything he's saying. But I'm cautiously optimistic this is all really about lemon drop trees.
Published May 17, 2009



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