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Written by Patrick McNamara

Fat History Month are a two-dude band from Boston made up (I could say “comprised" but I don't feel like it) of members Jeff Meff (guitar/vocals) and Bob Hobby (drums). They play off-kilter quirk-core. Some people also call this “indie rock“ but I'm not hearing a West Indies thing going on here... at all.

(When I first heard these fine fellows, their music immediately reminded me of the great gone-but-not-forgotten-on-my-iTunes-playlist band Oxford Collapse (RIP). That was one good underrated band right there. You know, how they went here and there and everywhere? And it rocked. But in a kind of weird way. Yet you could sing along to it, too? Anyway, perhaps that's a discussion for another time, another place...like the past. Get your own new band profile, Oxford Collapse. We're all booked up here.)

Other Fat History Month band comparisons include Modest Mouse and Pavement. But I have never heard of those two bands. So I can't really comment on the matter.

So. Where were we. Right. If you like stop-start guitars + drums that go this way and that way (will they find their way back to the established rhythm? tune in in a few seconds and see!) before ending very nice and melodic, you might like Fat History Month. If you like singable eccentro-pop songs that sometimes go loud after they start soft, and then flip that, and vice versa it too (not to be confused with “Vice Versa" - the classic Fred Savage/Judge Reinhold father/son/switch/bodies vehicle), you might like Fat History Month. If you like pizza, you will definitely like Fat History Month.

Fat History Month recently put out their second full-length (called “Bad History Month" - no more punny games now) via Exploding in Sound (seem to be writing about that label's past and present bands a lot recently - like Speedy Ortiz and Ovlov and Two Inch Astronaut. - and I'm fine with that). You should get it. And oh yeah, you should also see them play too. Keep forgetting this thing is supposed to be about shows.

Please play the song below. And please tell me you don't hear anything in there having to do with the West Indies, either. Am I crazy? It's all up to you to tell me if I'm crazy. No pressure.

Published June 19, 2013



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