((Bad Girlfriend)) Band Profile and Upcoming New York City Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Brooklyn's Bad Girlfriend is five ladies that play sweaty garage rock with blues riff 'n beats (follow me for the changes and try and keep up, ok?). They also tend to bend their guitars ever so slowly and breezily to replicate the sound of waves. So that's another way of saying you could call this "surf rock," too. Also they like to go a little psych-y sometimes and extend their jam outs to revel in the rock out. That always slays.

But enough with the descriptions and the labels and the boxes and the pigeon holes... what you really need to know is that Bad Girlfriend just kind of rule. And already the crowd is buzzing and the rumor mill is, well, milling about Bad Girlfriend's super high energy shows. It's almost like they're having fun up there on that little stage! Imagine that! (And by the way, any band that hooks up some serious tambourine solos surely deserves to be loved for just that alone.)

I can definitely see this band sticking around for awhile. And the Brooklyn music scene is better off for it. Now let's stop talking and start getting sweaty to Bad Girlfriend's big time jams.

PS I totally bet Marvin Barry would dig this.

Published July 6, 2011



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