((Angels and Airwaves)) Band Profile and Upcoming New York City Concerts - Oh My Rockness

I've met many indie rockers who admit Blink-182 is one of their guilty pleasures. But you know, if most people with similar musical tastes like this band, then why are we all feeling so bad about it? Sure, the mighty Blink started as "jock cock rock," but don't judge them by their "Dammit" days. I mean, have you heard their final album? Can you say "a modern day White Album?"

Tom DeLonge was always my favorite of the three... and he cemented his legacy when he put out that Boxcar Racer album. Can you say "a modern day Pet Sounds?" With Blink's tearful break-up and Boxcar being a one-off, it's finally Tom's time to shine again with Angels & Airwaves. Think U2 instead of 182. Seriously, this is some good guitar shit. And I refuse to feel bad about it. Yes, there will be plenty of 16-year-olds at this show, but at least they will be singing along to something good for a change. And I'll sing along with them. I'd rather hear catchy choruses than be cool anyway.

Published August 28, 2008



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