((Andrew Cedermark)) Band Profile and Upcoming New York City Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Andrew Cedermark used to be in Titus Androncius (way back when they played Oh My Rockness' birthday party at The Annex in 2005... or was it 2006?) and he was also a part of the whole burgeoning Glen "don't-call-me-Ridgewood" Rock, NJ scene.

But now Andrew Cedermark lives in Virginia. And in that fine state, he writes and records sprawling and distorted bar pop that has a little bit of a psych-y and hazy Elephant 6 thing going on, with just a hint of country (like Glen Rock's Average Girl). And like Titus, I do hear hints of an Irish influence, but that may just be my imagination.

These fully realized rock songs sound very rich in orchestral texture; Cedermark definitely knows the power of layers and loops. So this technically may be D.I.Y. (since he did do it all himself), but it definitely doesn't sound D.I.Y.

Get Andrew Cedermark's critically acclaimed debut record on Underwater Peoples (Tennis, Real Estate, Julian Lynch, Frat Dad). And, of course, go see him shred this from the stage.
Published September 30, 2010



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