((Adult Dude)) Band Profile and Upcoming New York City Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Written by Patrick McNamara

Adult Dude are four people who not only appear to be dudes - they appear to be adults, too. I tell ya, these gentlemen are straight shooters all the way. No fibs or little white lies with these guys. This is the kind of band we could really use on our team here.

Allow me to tell you more about Adult Dude’s hot fresh new sound. If you like guitar music that’s on good terms with grunge but is also winking wistfully at the ‘90s indie rock while also bringing the bouncy melodies we know and love from the current alt rock of today, then Adult Dude just might be the new band for you. They’ve got a little bit of that back bar room booze sound going on, too. But that’s really a discussion for another time, another place. How about down at Mickey’s at 4:30? I’ll rack. You buy. And tell Frankie and Sal we’re coming by.

Comparisons can be made to Superchunk and Dinosaur Jr. I know they can. Because I just made them. I’d also say if you like music that resembles happiness, you should consider getting into Adult Dude. I usually find crunchy distorted guitars and tight hooks of goodness bring joy into my life. How about you?

Please stream Adult Dude’s newest EP which I have locally sourced for you below. If you’re pressed for time, don’t worry! All the songs are really short! Almost like you’re left wanting more! And by the way, you can do other things while listening to music! It’s called multitasking! And who is anybody kidding - you don’t have anything to do - we’re all just procrastinating here - putting off our responsibilities that we think will lead to the dreams that never really come. So fuck it. You may now waste your time with a guilt-free conscience. And get into a good band. Named Adult Dude. Straight shooters. All the way.

(how sick would it be if halfway through this EP those mountains turn blue)

Published January 14, 2014



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