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February 10, 2005
Some of our favorite blogs have been going batty blabbing about NYC's Saints and Lovers (formerly Sons of Sound). All the hype is warranted. I mean, who doesn't love listening to effortless, falsetto vocals over pristinely layered guitars. We're not talking Merzbow here. Think of their sound as Jeff Buckley (or that dude from The Velvet Teen) meets Jesus and Mary Chain's wall of noise meets the crooning and dramatics of Bono and U2.

Former Realistics front man Dennis Cahlo reunited with his old bandmate Scott Meola and Scott's brother Doug to form Saints and Lovers in early 2004. Following a successful residency at Pianos, the trio has spread their love into bigger, mostly sold-out, venues all over town. Kids seem to like to designate a new "it" band every time a bell rings, but with Saints and Lovers, maybe the kids are right.

Saints & Lovers play Rothko, Tuesday, February 15th.


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