Tamaryn puts the pedal to the....(hmm, need something to rhyme with 'pedal') - Oh My Rockness

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January 01, 2011
Tamaryn (don't know her last name... maybe it's Prince...or Madonna) is a smokey voiced lady from San Francisco who sings/plays a wonderfully eclectic mix of psych and noise-rock and lo-fi and haze and, hell, even a little bit of summer pop. Oh, and all of it is driven by guitars and pedals. Lots and lots of guitars and pedals.

Tamaryn is similar in swirling sound to bands like Autolux and Serena-Maneesh and that Pinkshinyultrablast band from Russia we wrote about recently. And, of course, throw in My Bloody Valentine too. It wouldn't be a Rockness profile if we didn't go for the low hanging fruit and mention MBV, now would it?

This is good heavy pop. So check out Tamaryn's debut full-length on Mexican Summer (Real Estate, Best Coast, Washed Out) and also get her 7" on the always exceptional True Panther Sounds label (Girls, Lemonade, Delorean). And see her play. I mean, that's why we're writing this thing. Right?

Tamaryn plays Glasslands, on Thursday, January 13th.
UPDATE: Tamaryn is no longer on the bill for 1/13 - see her/them with the Raveonettes!


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