We Are Wolves are probably the second best band that utilizes the word - Oh My Rockness

Band We Like
September 29, 2005
We Are Wolves is the 945th band this year to use that creature in the title of their name, yet this Montreal (also home to Wolf Parade) trio doesn't want to hear any of your shit. Well, they can't anyway, because they play so insanely loud. Oh, Canada...why do you insist on my pre-mature hearing loss?

A dirty guitar/drum/synth rumble, We Are Wolves' staggering blasts are like Les Georges Leningrad's off-kilter electro tweaks crossed with Lightning Bolt's distorted vocal shouts and Suicide's guitar insanity. So basically that's another way of saying they don't really sound like anybody or anything.

Feedback, danceable bass booms and lurching percussion are what make We Are Wolves the wild animals that they are (and also made them one of the most talked about bands at CMJ 2005). It's always refreshing to hear a band making music that's decidedly "new." There's nothing bought, borrowed or sold about We Are Wolves' sound. Man, is Montreal's well of good bands ever going to dry up?


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