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Comets on Fire are a loud bang.

June 23, 2005
California's spacey psych-rockers, Comets on Fire, have that acidy, stoner sound that you either love or hate. The good news (for some) is that they play really, really loud, with a sonic intensity that sounds like the MC5 meets Pink Floyd. The bad news is they sometimes fall into the "jam band" trap, which is much harder to understand when you're sober.

But no matter if they get their garage on or their jam on, Comets on Fire certainly appreciate the guitar-heavy rock out. Feedback is their friend. Recently they've been warming up to keyboard prog action and a vocal echoplex player, with the probable intent of making their guitars sound that much louder. When these guys keep their songs somewhat concise, it is a truly amazing aural experience. When their songs drift towards ten-minute territory, well, your ears and psyche may need a break.

Comets on Fire play Bowery Ballroom Thursday, June 23 and "The Space Formerly Known as Mighty Robot" Friday, June 24th.


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