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Thomas Function blues-punk it up.

September 29, 2008
Thomas Function is a band from Alabama that rocks that classic punk sound in a pretty cheerful way. But, you know, they rock it like the days before punk just meant distortion and a quick three-minutes. They rock it like the glory days when punk also meant taking your time with some fun guitar jingle-jangle.

Therefore, Thomas Function have received several comparisons to Television -- in addition to similar sounding melodies, singer Josh Macero's voice sounds a little Tom Verlaine-y (meets Danielson) at times - but they're not just rocking Marquee Moon up there. These guys are adding their own southern boozy and bluesy flair, complete with tricked-out organ riffs and epic tambourine jams.

Come to think of it, that sounds kind of hippy more than kind of punky. But that line is closer than one might think sometimes. Anyway this is a good band with an overall positive vibe that will take you back to the days before you were probably born.

Thomas Function plays Cake Shop, on Friday, October 3rd.


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