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Maximo Park ain't no joke.

June 09, 2005
Warp's Maximo Park are another one of those U.K. bands (see Futureheads, Bloc Party, Franz Ferdinand) bound for Stateside stardom. These five guys write buoyant, keyboard-heavy, "art-pop" melodies high on both the energy and the lyrical quality. You won't hear inane repetitious lyrics like "Take me out" in a Maximo Park song. Sure, they'd like for you to dance to their catchy beats, but they also want you to listen to the words too. Refreshing when a band actually has something to say, isn't it?

Singer Paul Smith does little to hide his Northern English accent when he sings, which may account for the obvious Futureheads comparisions (I guess they're neighbors over there). But really, Maximo Park is more Stone Roses than anybody. They have that same mystery, the same swagger, and the same unbelievable ear for exuberant melodies. Seriously, even your 11-year-old cousin will know this band. Very Soon.

Maximo Park play Tonic, Friday, June 10th, and Saturday, June 11th.


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