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Grand Archives are Band of Horses meets The Turtles.

June 2, 2008
Grand Archives is the perfect record to put on at 4:30pm on a Sunday. It's not exactly sunshine-pop; it's more like twilight-pop. It's not exactly happy, but it's not mournful either. This wonderful Seattle five-piece is headed-up by Mat Brooke, who was the former guitarist of Band of Horses and of the lesser known Carissa's Weird.

There's definitely an element of Band of Horses on Grand Archives' debut for Sub Pop (yep, same label), but really it's just the impressive pop melodies that are similar. The whole country vibe the Horses rock isn't really present here. Instead Grand Archives opt to cop those great 60's harmony bands. Sub Pop says they're like Mamas and Papas and The Turtles and Sub Pop is right, but these guys seem to carry more regret. Throw in some Rogue Wave, too. If you like choruses featuring whistles, harmonicas, and horns, this is the band for you. I really like these guys.


The Boy Least play The Riveria, on Saturday, March 25th


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