Sometimes Anamanaguchi is EXACTLY what you want to be listening to. - Oh My Rockness

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Sometimes Anamanaguchi is EXACTLY what you want to be listening to.

April 29, 2008
NYC's Anamanaguchi is an insanely fun band that rocks out using two guitars, one bass, one drum kit and... hey drummer, give me a roll please... an old manipulated Nintendo. Guitarist/Programmer Peter Berkman hacks into an original Nintendo and manipulates its sound chip to create, along with Ary Warnaar and James DeVito, some of the catchiest and most delightful rock-outs you'll hear.

The music Anamanaguchi creates is not really meant to be a whimsical nod to our video game playing youth. First and foremost, they're about rocking you out, but they're also part of a larger experiment to make a big sound that rises above the limitations of the out-dated and limiting hardware the band uses.

The group is part of a growing collective called 8bitpeoples that shares this similar ideology about video games, technology and rock. Anamanaguchi has played recent shows with Maps and Atlases and Abe Vigoda, and are influenced by Weezer and the Pixies. You should really see this band live. They can do some crazy things. I mean seriously, don't they just look cool in this video?

Anamanaguchi plays Death By Audio, on Monday, May 5th


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