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Apollo Heights take shoegaze-soul to the top.

April 1, 2008
NYC's Apollo Heights play music that can be described as retro shoegaze-psych-soul. Led by identical twins, Danny and Daniel Chavis, this accomplished band has steadily built a reputation as a group you just need to see live. Their dynamic music swirls around layers of three wall-of-sound guitars, booming bass lines, new-wave keys, and lots of electro-beat programming. Together, even without a live drummer, all this intricate instrumentation creates a sound that's very big (there are five of them on stage, after all).

Apollo Heights have not only toured with their pals, TV on the Radio, but TV's Dave Sitek (along with Mos Def and Dee-Lite!) contributed to the band's fine album, White Music for Black People. If you like My Bloody Valentine, Otis Redding, or Swervedriver, you'll definitely like Apollo Heights. This band is a good one.

Apollo Heights play Dead Herring, on Saturday, April 5th.


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