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Boredoms beat you senseless.

March 25, 2008
Japan's Boredoms will be playing a special "In the Round" performance at Terminal 5 on Sunday, March 30th. It's really the only way to see these guys play. It will be fun to surround the band as they surround your senses with a critical beat-down of percussion. This won't be so much a show as it will be an experience.

Boredoms beat our senses senseless when they played an early day set at the Oya Festival in Oslo, Norway this past summer. It was very strange seeing such an explosive band clanging and banging their drums and gongs before it was even noon. Many of us were still hung-over from the free-flowing Ringnes the night before, but it's a testament to the power of this Japanese noise rock ensemble that the stage area was packed with sleepy people ready to rock out.

And rock out these guys did in their make-shift drum circle. (Many of you probably remember in NYC this summer when the Boredoms did their crazy seventy-seven drummers show/art-project. This band is certainly grandiose in music and vision.) As the Scandinavian sun beat down on us, and the Boredoms beat our ears to a pulp, we realized there was no place we'd rather be... even bed.

If you don't bring earplugs to Terminal 5 on Sunday, well, I just don't know what to do with you. These guys don't joke around.


Boredoms play Terminal 5, on Sunday, March 30th.


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