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Fleet Foxes rock your father's record collection.

March 18, 2008
Seattle's Fleet Foxes are probably going to be a household indie name soon on account of their recent signing to Sub Pop. But that's what happens when you write harmonious songs that are easy on the ears and make the kids wax nostalgia for a time years before they were born. Boys who wear beards (to emulate their fathers who spun these same sounds back in the early 70's) will definitely like Fleet Foxes. Girls will like them too, but not girls who wear beards probably.

The five members of Fleet Foxes make slightly country folk-pop that sounds very similar to My Morning Jacket, with a little bit of Band of Horses, some Animal Collective, and dash of The Band. Fleet Foxes are touring around the country with their frequent partners in pop crime, Blitzen Trapper, and are set to play SXSW and San Francisco's Noise Pop Fest. Take it to the limit, boys.


Fleet Foxes play Bowery Ballroom, on Saturday, March 29th.


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