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Rick Froberg of Hot Snakes is back with Obits!

February 26, 2008
It's post post-Hot Snakes mania these days! Fresh on the heels of John Reis' (guitar genius of Hot Snakes) new band, The Night Marchers, comes Rick Froberg (singer/guitar genius of Hot Snakes) back into the fray. Obits is Froberg's "new" band, but they're not really new considering they've been practicing in secret since Hot Snakes' 2005 demise.

Obits just played their first ever show at The Cake Shop in NYC in January of 2008. They were the openers and packed out the venue like no other opener could. It was a hot and steamy mess as the fans clamored for more of Froberg's (and his three cohorts, including one from Edsel) famously tight punk anthems of rhythm. The show is already somewhat legendary and you can find a bootleg recording of it with just a little help from Google.

So what does Obits sound like? Kind of like Hot Snakes meets Drive Like Jehu meets Pitchfork meets some classic rock and blues. Phew!


Obits play Union Hall, on Saturday, March 8th.


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