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Videohippos make media DESTROY!

February 18, 2008
Videohippos are one of Baltimore's best experimental-gadget-art bands. And perhaps that description of this instrumental duo might make you think of another Baltimore experimental-gadget-art guy right off Cal Ripken's bat. And you'd be correct in correlating Viddeohippos to electro-gear-head Dan Deacon (Deacon is perhaps more "party" than "experimental" though).

Videohippos are not only good pals with their wacky Wham City neighbor, but are also brothers in sound to Deacon's technological debauchery. Not sure if they became friends with Double D before they became his frequent touring partners, though. Maybe Videohippos and Dan cemented a demented friendship while sharing stuffy van space on their way to play illegal loft spaces up and down the East Coast.

These two eclectic dudes have an album out on mighty Monitor Records (Oxxes, Yeasayer). Videohippos is for fans of Holy Fuck. For sure.

Videohippos Death By Audio, on Saturday, February 23rd.


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