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By The End of Tonight will completely rock you.

April 7, 2005
These guys are simply one of my new favorite bands. Think of By the End of Tonight as the perfect marriage between the math-rockiness of Hella with the glistening, soaring guitars of Explosions in the Sky. They spazz out to metal riffs AND you can hum along. Who would have thought you could create controlled chaos that you can tap your foot to?

By the End of Tonight is that rare band that I liked instantly. From the moment I hit play on their debut full-length A Tribute to Tigers and heard the first note build into something wonderful, I was like, "Yes, this is it. This is it, I tell you!" They rely on the emotion of crescendo and climax but defiantly deny any cheese from creeping into their songs. This isn't emo, it's rockmo. And in case you didn't know, drummer Jeff Wilson plays on a toy kit (it looks similar to the Muppet Babies drum set I got for Christmas when I was 9, I kid you not.) See these guys now. Please.

By The End of Tonight play North Six, Friday, April 8th.


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