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Big Love For The Big Sleep

February 12, 2008
NYC's The Big Sleep have arrived! Not that this band hasn't been right here in our rock-drone-math-metal-pop hearts for years now. We loved them since the very first time we saw them, actually even before they played a note. Our love began as soon as we saw the house lights dim down low and their illuminated The Big Sleep sign in big box letters (front and center, mind you) lit up the stage dramatically in all its beautiful bling. We knew this band was getting ready to do some serious drama. And then they played...

They played and we heard the bass-heavy distortion, and the big percussive build-ups, and the bona fide rock star guitar rhythms, and we knew our love was more than just surface love. Our love was cemented even more when this band played our very first ever March Radness show in 2006 and completely captivated an intense crowd hopped up on free Sparks and wondering why the hell they were on 4th avenue in Brooklyn. We loved The Big Sleep again each time we heard guitarist Danny convince his one guitar to produce a noise that sounded like it was made from ten. We loved them each time we heard bassist Sonya get a hold of a groove and never let go. We loved them we first heard drummer Gabe make calculated war on his kit.

And just when we thought we couldn't love this trio any more, we heard their new album Sleep Forever. And then our love went to another level. What they can do on the stage is finally captured on recording. Sleep Forever is a diverse record that explores several genres. And when these guys decide to do a pop song on the album, it sounds like a hit. When they decide to do a math-rock song, it sounds like a hit. They do drone, and it sounds like a hit. Psych...sounds like a hit. And, especially, when either Danny or Sonya decides to sing, the song sounds like a massive hit. Its hard to make a diverse record work, but The Big Sleep pull it off.

Of course they do. I mean, theyre The Big Sleep. Their show on Thursday, February 22nd, is the record release party for "Sleep Forever." And it's going to be packed, and it's going to be good.

Sorry to gush so much. It's so hard to be cool and faux-restrained when youre in love.



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