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The Black Lips punk like Iggy.

September 10, 2007
The last time we saw The Black Lips, singer Cole Alexander puked in mid-refrain all over the stage (granted, it was SXSW where free beer eternally flows but still...) and didn't miss a beat. He sang, spewed, and sang. He's also been known to piss in his own mouth and then spit it out at the audience. I'm not sure how cool that is, but whatever. Don't knock it till you try it, I guess. And of course, there's been blood at Black Lips' shows. Lots and lots of blood.

But don't let these antics sway you into thinking you're seeing a gimmick band (albeit a very painful gimmick). This is just good old fashioned punk rock that probably makes Iggy proud. They've been called the "hardest working band in the business" by The New York Times, and judging by The Black Lips' constant touring and three NYC shows this week, that just might be an accurate statement.

If you haven't heard, you must behold the grimy garage guys who call themselves The Black Lips, and come straight from the swamps of Atlanta, Georgia. Vice Records' recent signees (transferred over from In the Red Records) are a raucous young band that puts on notoriously insane live shows as mentioned above. But beyond the spitting, peeing, fistfights, beer bottle smashing and instruments being set ablaze, there's a lot of good songwriting going on here.

The Black Lips are an intensely energetic band, and it's apparent they revel in playing the part of mischievous punks. This band is for fans of The Ponys, alcohol, and New York City circa 1977.

And please Cole, don't pee in my face.

The Black Lips play three NYC shows this week: Tuesday, September 18th, at Bowery Ballroom, Wednesday, September 19th, at the Music Hall of Williamsburg, and Thursday, September 20th, at Soundfix.


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