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Oppenheimer rock the ditty.

July 30, 2007
Northern Ireland's Oppenheimer are a feel-good duo that write purely pleasant electro-pop. They are the perfect sonic complement to their recent touring partners, Hot Chip. Rocky O'Reilly (great Irish name) and Shaun Robinson sweetly harmonize about girlfriends, subways, and Saturday nights, while trading off on drums, guitars and synth duties.

The best way to describe their songs is too call them "ditties." They're short, singable, and fun. Sometimes, they distort their vocals using that thing Cher, Pedro the Lion and Beastie Boys used at one time or another (it was also used in the cartoon "Transformers.") Talk about fun! Oppenheimer are nothing but enjoyable. Sure, they're a little sticky sometimes, but sweets are always good in moderation.

Oppenheimer play Union Hall on Tuesday, August 7th, at Bowery Ballroom on Wednesday, August 8th, and at The Annex, Thursday, August 9th.


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