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They're not messy, they're Tyvek.

July 18, 2007
Michigan's Tyvek play intentionally sloppy lo-fi punk that has lots of energetic guitar jangles. Actually, to call Tyvek lo-fi would be a grand understatement. It seems as if this band shops solely at Woolworth for all of their recording needs. I mean, their microphone doesn't even really work... unless it's supposed to sound like they're singing into an electric bag of cotton that keeps short-circuiting.

But perhaps that's the point. Their studio sound is charmingly inadequate, but live on stage, they certainly bring the performance oomph. And oomph is something bands can never buy at a gadget store. Tyvek has some songs out on the NYC label, What's Your Rupture?, a perfect fit both stylistically and sonically. After all, this is the label of caUSE co-MOTION!. If you like those guys, you'll like Tyvek.

Tyvek plays Southpaw, on Saturday, July 21st.


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