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The 2007 Siren Festival.

July 18, 2007
Warriors... come out and play-ayy.

No one seems to really know what's going on with Coney Island these days. There are all sorts of swirling rumors regarding the fabled (and slightly shitty) amusement park. Many people are expecting the worst. Some say The Cyclone and The Wonder Wheel will be soon be surrounded by luxury high-rise condos, the bumper cars will be replaced by gourmet coffee baristas, and the Atlantic Ocean itself will be paved over to make room for "prime office/retail space." One thing is for sure, things are going to change. Hell, they already bulldozed the batting cages. And that just sucks.

How will all this affect the annual Siren Festival? Will this year be its final one? Who knows? But pretend it is and go see a bunch of good bands for free, just to be safe.

Here are some of the bands we're excited about seeing at Siren Fest this year.

The Twilight Sad
If you don't see these guys, then whah are yo mann-ahs! Sorry, that was our attempt at a Scottish accent. The Twilight Sad rock the brogue to full effect because, well, they're from Scotland. Think of these super melodic guys as hard-pop with an ambient edge. And any band that rocks both the theramin AND a thumb piano deserves your presence.

The Black Lips
The last time we saw The Black Lips, singer Cole Alexander puked in mid-refrain all over the stage (granted, it was SXSW where free beer eternally flows but still...) and didn't miss a beat. He sang, spewed, and sang. He's also been known to piss in his own mouth and then spit it out at the audience. I'm not sure how cool that is, but whatever. Don't knock it till you try it, I guess. But don't let these silly antics sway you into thinking you're seeing a gimmick band (albeit a very gross gimmick). This is just good old fashioned punk rock that probably makes Iggy proud.

White Rabbits
The slightly soulful guitar/piano pop sound that NYC's White Rabbits rocks has been compared to bands like French Kicks, The Walkmen and The National. In their bouncy songs (that often employ three-part harmonies) you'll hear traces of reggae, perhaps a little ska, and a strong dose of R&B. White Rabbits' tempos certainly hop around, but never sound messy.

Matt & Kim
Matt and Kim are an undeniably energetic drums (Kim) and keys (Matt) duo from Brooklyn that play super tight, and super happy, toe tapping tunes. Think of their songs as the soundtrack to slow motion summer montage; grinning guys and gals engaged in silly horseplay... a water fight, maybe, full of giggles and romps through sprinklers. Or something like that.

Elvis Perkins
Providence's Elvis Perkins writes the world-weary songs of a troubadour who's seen his share of sorrow and heartbreak. (If that doesn't sound like a fun-in-the-sun good ole Coney Island time, I don't know what does!) He has been compared to John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats, touring partners Okkervil River, and the falsetto of the late Jeff Buckley!

Other bands playing this year's Siren Fest include Cursive, We Are Scientists, The New York Dolls (uh, kind of), Dr. Dog, The Detroit Cobras, Lavender Diamond and the Noisettes.

So get out there to Coney. It may be your last chance.

See Siren Fest at Coney Island on Saturday, July 21st.


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