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Rogue Waves Plays a Show, Then Gets Drunk with Rockness and YOU.

February 3, 2005
The Shins meets Crosby, Stills and Nash? Rogue Wave should be huge. The hooks are just too good for this band to remain small. Following a highly successful tour opening for their Sub Pop label and sound-mates The Shins, Rogue Wave have received plenty of attention building up to the recent reissue release of their amazing debut album, Out of the Shadow.

Rogue Wave on tape is essentially Zach Rogue since he writes, sings and plays everything. However, he recruited a full touring band to raise the level of his creative capabilities as a collective. Rogue Wave have been compared to mighty acts like the Elephant Six crew, Paul Simon, Death Cab for Cutie and Neutral Milk Hotel. See them now before you have to go through Ticketmaster and get socked with a $48.00 convenience charge for a seat just to the right of the foul pole in the upper deck.

Rogue Wave plays with Dirty on Purpose at Mercury Lounge, Friday, February 4th. Then come to the afterparty at Orchard Bar for some free beer!

Rogue Wave also plays at Mercury Lounge on Monday, February 7th.


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