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dios (malos) rock the melodic, sunny pop.

June 11, 2007
dios (malos), formerly known simply as "dios," are one of those California bands that writes songs about "not wanting to die," and instead, "getting high." What beach bums! I'm jealous.

The band's lyrics accurately reflect the group's laid-back, chilled-out sound, like The New Pornographers meets Saturday Looks Good to Me meets The Beach Boys (also from their hometown of Hawthorne, CA. Sweet.).

dios (malos) write refreshing pop songs with lots of jangly guitar parts, some pretty piano playing, and vibrato-free melodies sung pleasantly. Add plenty of samples to these essentially lo-fi songs, and you have a mix of 60's sun-drenched pop and late 80's shoegazing swirls.

dios (malos) play Mercury Lounge, on Wednesday, June 27th, and with The Fiery Furnaces at Studio B, on Sunday, July 1st.


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