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Death From Above 1979 WOULD HAVE Been a Great Show.

January 27, 2005
* DISCLAIMER: Death From Above 1979 had to cancel this show due to illness. But we're pretending they're still playing because we're just a tad silly. So put on your imagination hats when you read this. But don't show up expecting to see them, because they won't be there.*

The drum/bass duo (not to be confused with 'drum and bass.' I mean, I like neon glow-sticks as much as the next guy, but...) that exclaim, "I rock this shit without my shirt on...what did you ever do?" are back from North of the Border for another one of their incredibly charged live shows. Death from Above 1979 didn't always have the nostalgic 1979 attached to the end of their name. They recently got some heat from James Murphy's dance-punk production team the DFA (abbreviated guessed it) to change their moniker, probably because they were frightened by this Canadian band's power. The DFA can make you dance, but Death From Above 1979 can make you disintegrate into a blissful nervous wreck.

There is such a prevalence of guttural, distorted bass sounds and extraordinarily thunderous, riot-inducing guitar explosions at a DFA1979 show that it messes with your psyche, leaving you one helplessly paranoid hipster. It usually goes down like this: "I've heard good things about these guys. (Set starts)... Wow, this is louder than I expected. Wait, why is my beer gyrating? Oh shit, that's not the beer, that's me gyrating. I'm not used to movin', man. (Music gets louder)... Touch my heart. Does it feel really fast to you? I'm really starting to freak out, man. (BOOM..BOOM..BOOM)... This isn't really New York City is it? Where am I! What year of our lord is this? Who do you work for! Jamiroquai sent you, didn't he! Didn't he! It's not safe here. Run!" I'm telling you, it's freaky what these guys can do to you.

If your fragile mind can't take the heat, get outta the Lounge. Because as good as they are on disc (if you haven't already, buy "You're a Woman, I'm a Machine" right now!), they're even better when you witness their fury in the flesh... even if it means looking at skinny Canadians with their shirts off (obviously there isn't much sun up yonder.)

Death From Above 1979 play Mercury Lounge, Thursday, January 27th. (Actually, no they don't)


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