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England's melodically harmonious Mystery Jets.

May 23, 2007
Editor's Note:
***Mystery Jets have postponed their upcoming show dates due to VISA issues. But they'll come back, so feel free to read on!***

England's Mystery Jets recently put out their US debut for Dim Mak (Bloc Party, Battles), and are set on being as successful here as their recent touring partners, Arctic Monkeys.

These five young guys are very melodic in their music, writing pretty synthesizer hooks to help support their anthem guitar choruses. There are also some definite Futureheads-inspired harmonies going on, but perhaps with less of a punk edge.

Singer/keyboardist Blaine Harrison has a very nice tenor (he sings on crutches due to his spina bifida) that sometimes sounds like Rufus Wainwright or the singer of The Walkmen. And he receives killer guitar accompaniment from none other than his father, Henry Harrison. Yep, his dad's in the band (and started it, too).

Mystery Jets are NOT playing two shows this week. They were going to play Friday, June 1st, at Galapagos, and Saturday, June 2nd, at Bowery Ballroom but now they are NOT.


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