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The Narrator mix it up.

April 11, 2007
There's a fine line between a "messy" and a "sloppy" band. Messy = interesting. Sloppy = practice more. The Narrator have it down how to expertly tippy-toe that fine line, resulting in them just being plain "awesome."

This infectious Chicago group of guys play mostly manic, Dischord-meets early Jade Tree-inspired rock that sounds like Trail of Dead meets Cap'n Jazz meets Detachment Kit. They mix chaotic machine-gun guitar outbursts with introspective, highly melodic, arrangements, often abruptly and in mid-song. The ending effect is a stop-start whiplash of tracks that could best be described as "tumultuous anthems."

The Narrator take the best elements of those mid-90's Chicago bands (think angular) and inject it with their own brand of attacking fury that also sounds pretty. This is punk with a heart. We love these guys.

The Narrator play Mercury Lounge, on Wednesday, April 18th.


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