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Fujiya & Miyagi play sweet electro.

March 13, 2007
These guys aren't from Japan, they're just "pretending to be Japanese," according to the chorus of their song "Photocopier." And half of their name is taken from their love of the Karate Kid. That alone makes a fan out of me.

The trio is from Brighton, England, and Pat "how come you not hurt hand" Morita and Daniel with an L aside, they're definitely down with those sweet electro samples and beats. This is fun disco-Kraut-funk that is catchy and sometimes silly (I believe I heard a "Sock it to me!" at least once).

Their influences vary from Can to Brian Eno to Sly and the Family Stone and Aphex Twin. Fujiya & Miyagi are a good time. I'd play them at a dance party if I had any friends.

Fujiya & Miyagi play 3 shows! They play Mercury Lounge on Sunday, March 18th, and Tuesday, March 20th. And they play Barnard College on Monday, March 19th.


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