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By the End of Tonight you will be destroyed.

March 13, 2007
I have never seen the Niagara Falls, I have never seen the Grand Canyon, I have never seen Doctor Zhivago in its entirety (though I hear Omar Sharif is one helluva bridge player), and I have never seen By the End of Tonight play live. Not a shame, a problem (big ups, Treach).

It seems like every year when this band comes to town from way deep down in Texas, I am always somewhere else like Chicago, L.A., my grandfather's magical wardrobe; the list goes on and on. But everyone that I've talked to who has managed to be present when this band plays live... and I mean everyone... can't stop talking about how jaw-droppingly awesome their live set is. Maybe they're all wrong in their assessment of these guys, but I doubt it. And this time (Wednesday, March 21st to be exact), I'm determined to break the curse and SEE BY THE END OF TONIGHT PLAY. It's fitting their show is on the first day of spring; the season of clean slates and third-chances. I'll be there to redeem myself.

Now of course all of this is heresy, but apparently seeing a By the End of Tonight show is an event, like running with the bulls in Pamplona, or joining a Food Co-Op in Park Slope, Brooklyn. My sources tell me that this mostly instrumental band (they don't sing, they scream) exhibits some seriously killer calisthenics. They aren't afraid to get physical up there. I've heard talk of their boisterous bassist getting belligerent and bloodied, the guitarists' riffs bringing the motherf*ckin' ruckus, and the drummer absolutely drilling his tiny drums (I also hear it looks just like the Muppet Babies drum kit I got one Christmas morning when I was 9. rose... bud). And while I haven't seen By the End of Tonight with my own eyes... yet... I have been obsessing over their two EPs on Temporary Residence for a long time now, so I feel like I've seem them in "theory."

When you think of By the End of Tonight, think indie metal similar to Pelican, Hella, and those times when Explosions in the Sky get really pissed off for some reason. This is some of the most maddeningly melodic noise you can ever hope to hear. Why these guys aren't more popular with the general popular is a real head-scratcher. Maybe the kids just aren't ready for it, but their kid's kids are gonna love it.

And I promise you, I will be at this show at Cake Shop on Wednesday, March... wait, Wednesday? Oh shhhhhhit. That's the night I'm supposed to get my seasonal back wax in Florham Park, New Jersey. It's a non-refundable appointment! Oh, just curse it all.

By the End of Tonight play Cake shop on Wednesday, March 21st .


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