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Canada's Constantines Burn Lots and Lots of Calories

January 6, 2005
God bless The Constantines. They've played over 300 gigs and their live show is still as drenched in sweat, swagger and soulful spontaneity as their first performance. The foursome from Guelph, Ontario are an explosively fun live band to watch. From lanky front man Bry Webb's gruff Joe Strummer-like vocals and tortured facial twitching, to the Moog player falling over his keys while yelping background howls, to the raw, angular guitars that rip through the crowd, to the unison of thumping tambourines, The Constantines are a complete package of boisterous exuberance.

It's obvious these guys were raised on Dischord with a raw-edged sound easily comparable to early Fugazi and Nation of Ulysses. Their 2003 album, Shine a Light, received nearly universal praise for its catchy intensity and further proves that Sub Pop is once again indie label king. You may want to bring a change of clothes or a stick of deodorant if you plan to go out and impress after this show. You're just as likely to sweat through your shirt as they are.

Preceding The Constantines is the enigmatic Brooklyn ensemble, Oakley Hall. Ex-Oneida member Papa Crazee gets honkey-tonk with a motley lot of musicians, creating country-psyche complete with heavily distorted guitars, organs, wonderfully twangy female supporting vocals, and lyrics to get wasted to. You know it's gonna be a good old-fashioned hoedown with song titles like "Foolish Heart" and "Ridin the Dog." Oakley Hall will get you nice and drunk just in time to sweat off the calories to The Constantines.

The Constantines play with Oakley Hall at Mercury Lounge Saturday, January 8th.


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