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Chicago's Walter Meego: energetic electro-rock that actually rocks

February 21, 2007
Remember when we were talking about DataRock and Hot Chip and how they were two of the few bands that can pull off making happy electro rock? Well, silly us. We totally forgot to mention Walter Meego! We love Walter Meego!

This under-the-radar Chicago duo (and sometimes trio or quartet, I guess... who knows) kicks out the seriously cheerful synth jams. There doesn't seem to be a pretentious note played in their musical repertoire (which is not easily said of an indie-dance band), and that's mighty refreshing. It seems like Walter Meego's mission is just to help you party by plugging in and going off.

Walter Meego are playing this week at Galapagos. Also, be sure to mark your calendars (and get your tickets now!) for March 31st, when Walter Meego plays Oh My Rockness' "March Radness II" party at the Knitting Factory! Did we mention we love these guys?

Walter Meego play Galapagos, on Thursday, February 22nd.


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