Saxon Shore: still crazy for them after all these years. - Oh My Rockness

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Saxon Shore: still crazy for them after all these years.

February 7, 2007
Talk about underrated! Saxon Shore are one of the few bands who successfully play non-boring instrumental post-rock. In fact, not only is this music non-boring, it's almost overwhelmingly invigorating and even bordering on euphoric. If that sounds dramatic, it's because this is dramatic music. The five-piece (or who knows, everytime we see them they have more/less members), anchored by Matt Doty (who previously worked with Elkland and Earlimart), play ethereal, string sprinkled songs that sounds like Explosions in the Sky meets the best parts of Album Leaf.

Make no mistake, Saxon Shore is clearly a guitar band, but they also rely on electronic piano loops, scattered triangle twinkles, dubs, and even accordions to create these dreamlike soundscapes. We really like this band and we think you would really like them too. Go see them.


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