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The 2007 Plug Awards.

February 7, 2007
Another Saturday night and I ain't got anybody, so I might as well go to the Plug Awards and tell Stephen Malkmus that he was the only one who ever really understood me. (The Jicks, on the other hand, are a totally different story. It's almost like I'm from Mars and they're from Venus or something).

This year's awards-show-to-end-all-awards-shows takes place at Irving "Overhang" Plaza with David "I Do Not Heart Creed" Cross as your host. There're a whole bunch of innocuous awards being given out*, but let's face facts, people attend for more than to find out who wins "Best Artist to Rock the Glockenspiel" or "Best Online Ad to Use an Indie Rock Aesthetic to Sell Colored Shirts" or whoever/whatever else is being honored.

This show is sold-out because of the bands playing. And besides that Malkmus man who knows my core inner being better than my own mother (just kiddin', Sue!), there's Deerhoof on deck to play, as well as El-"Def Jux" P, Tokyo "You Got an I.D., Son" Police Club, and Silversun "Pumpkins" Pickups.

*Oh My Rockness has been nominated for Best Music Website. We wonder if our thinly-veiled insouciance is an attempt to prepare our heart in case we don't win, a time-tested defense mechanism (especially within the independent rock community) to keep ourselves from being hurt due to hope. Perhaps if we left ourselves open and vulnerable, we would find victory within ourselves no matter what the outcome of the awards ceremony happens to be. When they announce, "And the winner is... MySpace." we could hold our head high and know we gave it the old college rock try. Who knows, though? We tried to talk about these feelings with The Jicks, but they just nodded and smiled and slowly backed away. Malkmus would've understood. Anyway, we totally don't care if we win or not. Nobody has ever loved us, so why should that start now? We're just stupid and dumb and will forever reside where the sun never shines on a permanently shady lane. Save us, Stephen!

The Plug Awards are on Saturday, February 10th at Irving Plaza.


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