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Midlake makes Texas breezy.

January 31, 2007
Texas' Midlake play super melodic electro-folk that sounds like Fleetwood Mac meets Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, meets Cass McCombs. Singer Tim Smith also gets a lot of Wayne Coyne comparisons, although he's not as warbled as that guy.

But whoever you compare them to, this is a band that definitely sounds like they are from Texas. Think of pick-up trucks, dusty roads and Robert Duvall, and you're left with Midlake. A very optimistic band, Midlake's breezy songs sway, slide and croon. But don't take my word that this band is fine, take the word of actor extraordinaire Jason Lee who apparently loves these guys. I mean, I guess he was good in Mumford...

Midlake play Bowery Ballroom, on Friday, February 9th.


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