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Dragons of Zynth are the future.

January 31, 2007
War, global warming and general political upheaval got you down? Well, if the future of music sounds like this, there's hope for tomorrow after all! For three Thursday nights in February, you can catch NYC's Dragons of Zynth rip forth their wacked-out futuro-rock at Tonic. That's three chances to see this insanely entertaining live band. Don't strike out!

Dragons of Zynth are gaining a strong word-of-mouth following based on the strength of their crazy live shows. Not too long ago, there was a week where it seemed like everyone I talked to about music brought up Dragons of Zynth and how awesome they are. So I figured I better see what these guys are all about. I'm glad I did. These five guys put it all out there. Think of their sound as sort of synthy stoner rock from outer space. According to their bio, they take an "audio-physio-psychic" approach to music. Sounds spot-on to my ears. They are currently working on their debut album, with production help from some of the TV on the Radio guys, and will then commence in taking over the world. 2007 could very well be the year of Dragons of Zynth.

USAISAMONSTER plays with D.O.Z. on Thursday, February 8th. USAISAMONSTER is a thrilling guitar/drum duo from Bed-Stuy Brooklyn that have been creating mass havoc with their guitar and drum kit for a few years now. These two are D.I.Y. to the max, as they'll play just about anywhere: venues, lofts, parking lots, wherever their noise is needed. They share the same label (Load Records) and the same affinity for decibel destruction as Lightning Bolt, but their sweaty mayhem has more of psychedelic slant. They also have reoccurring Native American themes that give them an enigmatic, mystical vibe. Seeing them live is dangerous. And that's the way it should be.

Celebration plays with D.O.Z. on Thursday, February 15th. Celebration is a dynamic three-piece that juggles an exhilerating balancing act of organs, electric keyboards, Moog bass pedals, and something called the guitorgan, an electric guitar hand-modified to produce sound through an analogue organ tone. Katrina Ford handles vocal duties with a passionate, guttural ferocity. Celebration makes music with primal intensity, and (even better for our purposes) puts on shows full of sonic euphoria.

Kyp Malone of TV on the Radio plays with D.O.Z. on Thursday, February 22nd. Besides being in one of the biggest bands on the planet, Malone is a prolific solo artist. His electric guitar prowess and soaring falsetto has been compared to Curtis Mayfield meets Prince meets The Beach Boys.

Dragons of Zynth plays Thursday, February 8th, February 15th and February 22nd at Tonic.


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