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Camera Obscura brings bright optimism to Warsaw.

January 17, 2007
You wouldn't think a band that plays such shimmering sunshine pop would be from a place like Glasgow. But perhaps such tweeful music is their escape fantasy from the grey days of Scotland. These four guys and two girls formed back in 1996 and counted John Peel among their fans, but it has only been in recent years that their catchy choruses finally caught hold of the States.

A lot of this had to do a lack of proper stateside distribution for their earlier releases, but the mighty Merge records solved that problem, releasing their last few records (including their latest album, Let's Get Out of This Country) to great critical acclaim.

The group's bright optimism is powered by their guitar hooks, carefully crafted keys, and the sweet-singing vocals of Tracyanne Campbell. Belle & Sebastian meets Saturday Looks Good to Me meets The Boy Least Likely To.

Camera Obscura play Warsaw, on Wednesday, January 24th.


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