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Peter, Bjorn and John and Born Ruffians and Sweden and Canada

January 17, 2007
Peter, Bjorn and John (along with Born Ruffians) were originally supposed play two nights at the tiny (but mighty) Mercury Lounge. Tickets went on sale, and immediately you pounced! So because of the high demand, one of the Mercury shows was moved to the bigger Bowery Ballroom. They should have moved both shows over there. Everything is now completely sold out at both venues. So if you have tickets, yay! If you don't, boo! But life is full of second chances and these two badass trios will be back again soon. Just don't snooze next time and you'll be golden.

Peter, Bjorn and John are a Swedish trio comprised of, well, Peter, Bjorn and John. The three men play up-tempo indie pop using keyboards, guitars, whistles and even some maracas. This is a band that makes you feel good when you put them on. If anything, they are even more dynamic and frantic live than their songs suggest. There's a little bit of garage, maybe some shoegazing, and perhaps some punk in PB&J's hooks. But really this is just pleasantry. Their "hit" song "Young Folks" (featuring Victoria Bergsman of The Concretes and on their latest album Writer's Block) was voted the #2 track of 2006 by NME, beaten out only by Hot Chip's "Over and Over." Hot Chip: you just made PB&J's list of things to do today.

Opening is the buzzing Toronto trio Born Ruffians. These boys play catchy eccentro-pop that employ those warbled vocals you've heard from Clap Your Hands Say Arcade Femmes. Born Ruffians are down with distortion-free guitars that play high and pretty notes over confused time signatures. Think of their music as sounding sort of like Pinback meets The Unicorns, maybe. They've seen their stock soar after touring with the aforementioned Hot Chip, and they just released their debut EP for the suddenly cool again Warp Records (remember when that label used to just be electronic?). These dudes, along with Tokyo Police Club and Shout Out Out Out will lead the charge towards making Toronto the next Montreal. Bet.

Peter, Bjorn and John, along with Born Ruffians, play Monday, January 29th at Mercury Lounge, and Tuesday, January 30th at Bowery Ballroom.


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