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O'Death lead the stampede.

January 3, 2007
Brooklyn's O'Death feature six members who can lead a straight-up hoot-nanny full of boot-stomping "goth-country" songs. These good ol' boys use fiddles, guitars, ukuleles, banjos, and trombones to get their rockin' revelry started. They list some of their influences as being "whiskey" and "Appalachian mountain music," which is very accurate, but I also hear Neil Young, especially in Greg Jamie's vocals.

O'Death's music is strange and scruffy and fun (kind of like "Mule Variations" era Tom Waits). If you've ever gone to a bodega and have at least been tempted to reach into the cooler for the Mississippi Mud, then O'Death is the band for you. And it certainly helps if you like the fiddle.

O'Death play Union Hall, on Saturday, January 6th, and Sin-e, Saturday, January 13th.


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